Trauma Crash Course

Trauma Crash Course:  Free and Open Access

This selection of top-rated lectures given by expert emergency radiologists curated from past ASER annual meetings provide tips and tools to identify acute blunt and penetrating traumatic injuries. Topics include injuries to the skull base, torso, and extremities with advice on protocol optimization and ways to avoid imaging pitfalls. At the end of the lectures, viewers will be able to employ methods to promptly recognize and report temporal bone fractures, chest trauma, including aortic and diaphragmatic injuries, and solid organ and vascular injuries. 

Torso Trauma Imaging: Pearls and Pitfalls
Dr. Mark Bernstein

This 15 minute lecture by Dr. Mark Bernstein reviews the essentials of Torso Trauma, with information on patient selection, protocol optimization, and best practices to avoid pitfalls. You may rewatch the video or portions of the video as many times as necessary.

Abdominopelvic Vascular Injuries
Dr. Felipe Munera

Dr. Felipe Munera describes organ vascular injuries and also reviews CT findings of unusual sites of major vascular injuries in patients with blunt abdominopelvic trauma. You may watch the video or portions of the video as many times as necessary.

MDCT of Blunt and Penetrating Diaphragmatic Injuries
Dr. Felipe Munera

Dr. Felipe Munera discusses in this lecture the role of MDCT in patients with blunt and penetrating diaphragmatic injuries and reviews the MDCT findings of those injuries. He also describes potential pitfalls with emphasis on penetrating injuries.

Acute Traumatic Aortic Injuries
Dr. Siobhán O’Neill

In this lecture on acute traumatic aortic trauma, Dr. Siobhán O’Neill takes the approach of adding value to the radiology report. She looks at how aortic injuries happen, what they look like on imaging and what radiologists need to consider when reporting these injuries.

Imaging of Extremity Vascular Injuries
Dr. Fabio Paes

In this lecture, Dr. Fabio Paes reviews the importance of peripheral vascular trauma for the emergency radiologist and the role of MDCT for imaging diagnosis and treatment planning. He also discusses imaging features of the different extremity vascular trauma and unique challenges in the diagnosis.

Maxillofacial Trauma: Red Flags and Hidden Implications
Dr. Susanna Spence

In this didactic presentation, Dr. Susanna Spence discusses key findings to look for in maxillofacial fractures involving the temporal bone. You may rewatch the video or portions of the video as many times as necessary. At the conclusion of the course, a certificate will automatically be generated that will include the course name and user’s name.