Be sure to attend the ASER Intergalactic Monthly Case Conference (first Thursday of each month).

Date: June 8
Noon-1pm EST, 9am-10am PST
Subject: Neuro Emergencies – Case Potpourri
Presenter: Michael Lev (Massachusetts General Hospital

Please come ready to listen, learn, share and discuss the most interesting cases you have. Network with others as they share their most unusual cases – be sure that you have prepared your cases to be anonymous/de-identified. Powerpoint or keynote is best viewed.

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United States: +1 (224) 501-3412
Access Code: 576-917-829

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December Interesting Non-Trauma Cases of the 2022 Nicolas Murray (University of British Columbia)
Shobhit Mathur (University of British Columbia)
Thursday 12/8/2022
January Facial Trauma Krystal Archer-Arroyo, MD (Emory University School of Medicine) Thursday 1/5/2023
Feburary C-spine Injury J. Stephen Spann (University of Alabama) Thursday 2/2/2023
March Traumatic Vascular Injuries Claire Sandstrom (University of Washington- Harbor View) Thursday 3/2/2023
April Acetabular Trauma Nicholas Beckmann (UT-Houston) Thursday 4/6/2023
May Acute Aorta and Cardiac Cases Paddy McLaughlin (Alberta/UBC Thursday 05/04/2023
June Neuro Emergencies – Case Potpourri! Michael Lev (Massachusetts General Hospital) Thursday 06/08/2023