Welcome to the brand new ASER-TV online course consisting of lectures from our 2019 Annual Meeting.  ASER Members are invited to send the lecture links to colleagues, regardless of ASER membership status.

In order to claim CME Credit, you must view every video in each of the individual sessions and then click the appropriate button at the end of each session to complete the CME quiz.

Founders’ Session – Emergency Imaging: The Next 30 Years

Founders' Lecture: Emergency Imaging - the Next 30 Years
Dr. Jamlik-Omari Johnson
Emergency Imaging: Teleradiology and Mega Practices
Dr. Samir Shah
Emergency Imaging Technology as a Disrupter
Dr. Melissa Davis
Emergency Imaging Research: NIH Office of Emergency Care Research
Dr. Jeremy Brown

Eligible for 1.25 CME Credits

Non-Traumatic Neuro-Imaging

Intracranial Emergencies: Beyond Stroke
Dr. Ryan Peterson
Emergent Postoperative Complications of the Brain and Spine
Dr. Kathleen Fink
Head and Neck Emergencies
Dr. Christopher Potter
Head and Neck Emergencies
Dr. Diego Nunez

Eligible for 1.0 CME Credit

Non-Traumatic Chest Imaging

Noncoronary Cardiac Emergencies: A Primer for the ED
Dr. Sanjeev Bhalla
Mimics, Pitfalls, and Difficult Cases
Dr. Constantine Raptis
Acute Nonvascular Mediastinal Emergencies: The “Other†Causes of Chest Pain
Dr. Uttam Bodanapally
Acute Pulmonary Disease for the Emergency Radiologist: Beyond “Infectious and Inflammatory Etiology
Dr. Terrance Healey

Thump or Stump? Challenging Acute Chest Audience Response Cases
Dr. Marc Camacho

Eligible for 1.25 CME Credits

Non-Traumatic Body Imaging

Postoperative Abdominal and Pelvic Complications
Dr. HeiShun Yu
CT Bowel Obstruction: What Really Matters?
Dr. Jorge Soto

Right Flank Pain in the Emergency Department
Dr. Jennifer Uyeda

Imaging Acute Appendicitis
Dr. Stephan Anderson
CT of Upper Gastroinestinal Emergencies
Dr. Vincent Mellnick
Solid Organ and GI Torsion in the ER
Dr. James Lee

Eligible for 1.50 CME Credits

Non-Traumatic Musculoskeletal Imaging

Imaging of Ostoemyelitis / Septic Joint
Dr. Nicholas Beckmann
The Day the Marathon Came to Town
Dr. Craig Blackmore
Bone Lesions in the ED: Common Scenarios, Challenging Cases and Imaging Management
Dr. Tarek Hanna
Arthoplasty Complications Presenting Acutely
Dr. Jonathan Medverd

Audience Response – Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in the Emergency Center
Dr. Kara Gaetke-Udager

Eligible for 1.50 CME Credits

Trauma Head to Toe: Neuro/Spine/Head/Neck

Head Trauma: Typical Findings, Mimics, and Misdiagnoses
Dr. Maria Patino
Maxillofacial Trauma: Red Flags and Hidden Implications
Dr. Susanna Spence
Difficult Diagnoses in Cervical Spine Trauma
Dr. Claire Sandstrom
Blunt Cerebrovascular Injury (BCVI): Findings, Outcomes and Controversies
Dr. Clint Sliker

Audience Response: Head and Neck Trauma Cases
Dr. Scott Steenburg

Eligible for 1.25 CME Credits

Trauma Head to Toe: Chest

Blunt Mediastinal and Cardiac Trauma
Dr. Anthony Durso
Penetrating Thoracic Trauma: Imaging Findings that Alter Management
Dr. Patrick McLaughlin

Pediatric Chest Trauma

Dr. George Koberlein

Eligible for 1.25 CME Credits

Trauma Head to Toe: Body

AAST 2018 Updates: Liver, Spleen, and Kidney
Dr. Arthur Baghdanian
Blunt Bowel and Mesenteric Injury
Dr. Christina Lebedis
Abdominal Trauma in Pregnant Patient
Dr. Douglas Katz

Damage Control Surgery

Dr. Armonde Baghdanian
Penetrating Trauma: Pearls and Pitfalls
Dr. Michael Patlas

Audience Response: Trauma Head to Toe Body
Dr. Savvas Nicolaou

Eligible for 1.50 CME Credits

Non-Interpretive Topics 

Enhancing Empathy in Emergency Radiology
Dr. Keith Herr
Outcomes and Metrics in Emergency Radiology
Dr. Melissa Davis
Evolving Efficiencies in Emergency Radiology
Dr. Anjali Agrawal
Medicolegal Issues in Emergency Radiology
Dr. Jonathan Mezrich
Current State of Emergency Radiology Fellowships
Dr. Lee Myers

Promotions / Career Advancement – Audience Response
Dr. Sravanthi Reddy

Panel Discussion

Eligible for 1.50 CME Credits

Trauma Head to Toe: Vascular

Traumatic Vascular Injury of the Head and Neck
Dr. Jeff Dileo

Thoracabdominal Vascular Trauma
Dr. Felipe Munera
Vascular Trauma: What the Surgeon Wants to Know
Dr. Gary Danton

Audience Response Vascular Trauma
Dr. Fabio Paes

Eligible for 1.25 CME Credits

Intergenerational Imaging: Children, Women, and Elders

Pediatric Radiology in the ER is No SMALL Matter
Dr. Barbara Pawley

Making the Invisible Visible

Dr. Francesco Alessandrino
Elder Abuse: Challenges in Detection and the Role of Radiologies
Dr. Michael Mazza
Pediatric Lumps and Bumps from Tip to Toe
Dr. Summer Kaplan
Audience Response System: Case Mix
Dr. Carl Flink

Eligible for 1.25 CME Credits

Trauma Head to Toe Musculoskeletal

Elbow Trauma

Dr. Manickam Kumaravel

Knee Trauma

Dr. Ashwin Asrani

Audience Response Musculoskeletal Trauma
Dr. Jessica Rotman

Eligible for 1.50 CME Credits

Infection and Ultrasound

Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections
Dr. Sudheer Balakrishnan

Hepatobiliary Infection

Dr. Ashish Khandelwal

Audience Response – Infections and Ultrasound
Dr. Hao Lo

Eligible for 1.25 CME Credits