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Face & Neck - James Rhea, MD, MBA, FACR*; Diego Nuñez, MD, MPH*

1. Facial fractures

      a. Orbital fractures

          Blow-out fracture

          Blow-in fracture

          Orbital apex fracture

      b. Zygoma fractures

          Isolated arch fracture

          Zygomatic complex fracture

      c. Nasal fractures

      d. Naso-orbital-ethmoid fractures

          Posteriorly displaced


      e. Frontal fractures

      f.  Maxillary fractures

          Dentoalveolar fractures

          Maxillary sagittal fractures

          LeFort fractures

      g. Mandible fractures

2. Soft tissue injuries of the orbit

      a. Post bulbar emphysema and hemorrhage

      b. Extraocular muscle entrapment

      c. Ocular injuries



          Lens dislocation

          Vitreous hemorrhage

          Subchoroidal hemorrhage

3. Trauma to the aerodigestive tract

      a. Laryngeal trauma

      b. upper esophageal injuries


4. Infection of the paranasal sinuses

      a. Acute rhinosinusitis

      b. Aggressive fungal sinusitis

      c. Chronic and allergic sinusitis

      d. Complications

          1. cellulitis

          2. orbital subperiostial abscess

          3. osteomyelitis

          4. epidural abscess

          5. subdural empyema

          6. cavernous sinus thrombosis


5. Acute Infection of the suprahyoid neck

       a. retropharyngeal and prevertebral abscess and inflammation (edema)

       b. tonsillitis and tonsilar/peritonsilar abscess

       c. Odontogenic infections

            1. masticator abscess

            2. submandibular abscess

            3. sublingual abscess

       d. Ranula

       e. Parotitis

       f. submandibular sialoadenitis

       g. Ludwig’s angina and cervical necrotizing fascitis.

6. Acute infections of the infrahyoid neck

       a. epiglotitis

       b. croup

       c. lymphadenitis and suppurative adenopathy

       d. jugular thrombophebitis

7. Ear Infections

       a. External otitis

       b. Cholesteatoma

       c. otomastoiditis

       d. otitis media

       e. apical petrositis

8. Orbital infection

       a. orbital cellulitis

       b. orbital pseudotumor

       c. optic neuritis


AUTHORS: James T. Rhea, MD, MBA, FACR*; Diego Nunez, MD, MPH*
case illustration editor: Christopher A. Potter, MD

*Fellow of the American Society of Emergency Radiology (FASER)

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