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Central Nervous System - James M. Provenzale, MD

1. Skull fractures

2. Extra-axial hemorrhages

        a. subdural hematoma
        b. epidural hematoma

3. Parenchymal injuries
        a. cortical contusion
        b. diffuse axonal injury
        c. deep gray matter injury
        d. brainstem injury

4. Subarachnoid hemorrhage

5. Vascular injuries

6. Penetrating injuries

7. Herniation syndromes

8. Cerebral infarction
       b. venous infarction
       c. diffusion imaging appearance
       d. perfusion imaging appearance

       a. subarachnoid hemorrhage
       b. parenchymal hemorrhage

10. Central nervous system infections
       a. meningitis
       b. encephalitis
       c. abscess/cerebritis
       d. subdural empyema
       e. spinal epidural abscess
       f. osteomyelitis/discitis

11. Dural sinus thrombosis

12. Reversible posterior leukoencephalopathy syndrome

13. Pituitary apoplexy

14. Spinal trauma
       a. spinal cord contusion
       b. spinal epidural hematoma
       c. nerve root avulsion



                                                                  ALEXANDER B. BAXTER, MD

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